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Project Setup and Initiation is a process in which potential business initiatives are defined and evaluated. Once approved initiatives are instantiated as a project. Instantiation legitimizes a project within the organization and gives the senior manager the authority to apply resources to achieve the project objectives.


  Policy and Standards

  All projects should:

  • Have an approved Project Charter authorizing the existence of the project and the application of resources to satisfy project objectives,
  • Use standard templates when documenting the Concept Definition, Statement of Impact, and Project Charter.

  All projects are strongly encouraged to:

  • Have a written Concept Definition that provides an initial orientation and describes the preliminary specifications of the initiative,
  • Have a written Statement of Impact that provides the information and metrics senior management needs to effectively evaluate the initiative.


  The responsibilities for Project Initiation and Setup are summarized below:

  • Project Managers are responsible for developing and obtaining approval for the Project Charter (required)
  • Initiative Sponsors are responsible for the development of the Concept Definition (optional)
  • Initiative Sponsors and Project Managers are responsible for collaborating and developing the Statement of Impact (optional)

  Templates and Checklists

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Develop Concept

The Concept Definition provides the initial orientation and preliminary business specifications of the initiative. It identifies and documents the required information needed to perform an assessment of the organizational and systems impact.

Assess Impact

The Impact Assessment provides the metrics and information that senior managment will use to evaluate the initiative. The assessment provides an overview of the recommended approach, possible alternatives, estimated costs, dependencies, project risks, and potential benefits. Impact is examined from many perspectives, including:

  • User Departments
  • Technology Departments / Systems
  • Committees
  • External Users

Evaluate Initiative

In the Evaluate Initiative step, senior management reviews the Concept Defintion and Statement of Impact and makes a determination to proceed with the initiative or reject it.

Initiate Project

Once the initiative has been approved, the Initiative Sponsor and Project Manager will work together to Initiate the Project.

Initiating the project involves completing and obtaining approval for a Project Charter and setting up the project folder within the corporate network.

The Project Charter is a document that formally recognizes the existence of the project. It provides senior management the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities in order to achieve the project objectives.

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