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We are Chicago's premier vendor services project management consultancy. And in keeping with our roots, our consulting expertise, coaching and doing capabilities are indeed world class.

We recognize that the management of provisioned services has become increasingly important in today's business climate. If you're not managing your outsourcer, are they managing you?

Our experience helps you through the tough questions:

  • What is the nature of the tacit knowledge that your organization has, and that your outsourcer should know?
  • How important is the knowledge that walked, or will walk out the door, once you've executed an outsourcing solution?
  • What steps can you take to ensure important knowledge is not lost, prior to an outsourcing engagement?
  • What steps can you take after you realize that important knowledge has been lost after employing an outsourcing solution?
  • How do you manage your new business partner so that new knowledge is completely in your hands?
  • Should you change your management style to blend outsourced talent with your new business model?
  • How can you develop a contingency plan, should a backlash to outsourcing affect your market?
  • What haven't you thought of?

Questions such as these are just the "tip of of iceberg". And frameworks, such as ITIL are just that, frameworks. We can help you to not only avoid the pitfalls, but assist you to evolve your new business model to fit your strategy.

Ball of Gold® can help you to answer questions, and more!

We understand the nuances of service delivery, service support, and frameworks such as ITIL. And how to implement them.

Call us toll free to find out more at (866) 294-0351, or email WLBrown@ballofgold.com.

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