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"Knowledge Management can be viewed as a process for optimizing the effective application of Intellectual Capital to achieve organizational objectives." - Neal Pollock, Chief Knowledge Officer, Department of the Navy.

More specifically, Knowledge Management, or KM, is a business process that overtly manages an organizations's intellectual assets. KM is a discipline that facilitates a collaborative approach to capture, organize, and provide information assets, including the tacit, uncaptured knowledge of people.

Tacit knowledge is simply the know-how contained in people's heads. While such tacit knowledge may be taken for granted, identifying and capturing useful tacit knowledge is perhaps the most difficult process in a KM initiative. It must also be clear that if everyone doesn't benefit in a substantial way from your KM initiative, it will fail.

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Knowledge Management Articles

Tapping Knowledge

A company’s greatest asset is its employees, but tapping into their store of knowledge can present a challenge to large, geographically dispersed enterprises. Aware that its success hinges largely on the knowledge locked in the minds of its nearly 110,000 employees around the world, consumer products giant Proctor & Gamble turned to knowledge-sharing software to transform departmental experts into tangible information resources for the whole company. Proctor and Gamble Taps Into Employee Knowledge

Best Practice in Revamping, Retooling, and Restructuring

With the merger of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998, PricewaterhouseCoopers became the largest professional services organization in the world.

As it grew to its current 150,000 employees in 150 countries, its legacy database network also grew, becoming more diverse and unwieldy. The difficulty in finding data created a compelling business case for a single, searchable gateway to the company's stored knowledge.

In developing, implementing and refining a new knowledge management solution, PricewaterhouseCoopers illustrates best practices in revamping, retooling and restructuring.
PricewaterhouseCoopers tracks single path to content from myriad databases

Best Practice to Grow Community Knowledge

The competitive gestation period in today's environment is brief. The fleeting margins between losing, gaining and retaining a customer are measured in hours and minutes.

The edge is defined by the ability to predetermine your customers' problems and be prepared to resolve them before they even exist.
Best Practices: Eureka! Xerox discovers way to grow community knowledge. . .And customer satisfaction

Knowledge Management Meets the Portal at Equilon Enterprises

Within minutes of learning of an oil refinery fire on the West Coast, a salesperson from Equilon Enterprises LLC in Houston can turn to his company's corporate portal, find out which customers are affected, and make sure he sells them the gas they need at current market prices.

Five months ago that salesperson would have had to make a bunch of telephone calls and cruise various Internet sites to find that information.
Knowledge Management Meets the Portal

United Technologies Knowledge Sharing

What can an engineer who designs space suits for NASA possibly learn from one who builds elevators?
United Technologies - A Case Study

Attorneys use PDA to Capture Knowledge

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky and Walker LLP, an international law firm based in Los Angeles, is dealing with items on this wish list. For example, the firm's 800 attorneys can update their offices about their billable hours while on the road.
Handheld device stretches to become a platform for enterprise applications

Meet six Knowledge Leaders who are making a difference

These half-dozen knowledge management activists are making a difference, and each deserves to be recognized and celebrated.
Meet six knowledge leaders who are making a difference

Opening Corporate Silos

Cleanscape decided to institute knowledge sharing to improve sales and customer support. As a first step, it looked for an online application to take sales and marketing information out of separate departments and make it available throughout the organization.
Opening Corporate Silos

Corporate Espionage and Knowledge

The end of the Cold War did little to slow the avalanche of information that for more than five decades has poured through the Central Intelligence Agency. Today's spooks are mostly knowledge workers, spending their days sifting through information, classified or not, to find nuggets of useful knowledge. So if your organization's volume of business intelligence and other information is growing faster than your ability to process it, consider taking a page from the CIA and applying data mining techniques to the glut.
Corporate Espionage - Intelligence gathering and analysis techniques can help with business problems

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Knowledge Management Books

Recommended Reading

Working Knowledge - How organizations manage what they know
By Thomas H. Davenport and Laurence Prusak
Harvard Business School Press

Rembrandts In The Attic
By Rivette, K and Kline, D.
Harvard Business School Press

Competitive Intelligence
By Kahaner, L
Simon and Schuster

Achieving Success through Social Capital: How to tap the hidden Resources in your Personal and Business Networks
By Wayne E. Baker
Humax Networks

The Customer Revolution - How to thrive when customers are in control
By Patricia B. Seybold with Ronni T. Marshak and Jeffrey M. Lewis
The Customer Revolution