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Our Project Management Templates are easy to adapt to your organization's needs and address the full array of management-level documents needed in a typical project.

The template document type is indicated by a preceding icon,
indicates MicroSoft Word,
indicates Microsoft Excel, and
indicates Adobe Acrobat.

Our templates are accompanied by instructions or help text that provide a brief explanation of the information called for. The information that you should provide is typically enclosed in brackets "[your information here]" style, to make your task easy.

Please feel free to download our Request for Proposal (RFP) template, a free sample that demonstrates the thoroughness, quality and flexibility you can expect from our templates. We only ask that you not distribute it, but send others to our site if they're interested in this free template.

If you would like to order a full set of the Project Management Templates and Checklists click here: Buy Now

Otherwise, individual templates can be ordered from the list below:

  Initiation & Setup Templates

The Concept Definition is the 50,000 foot view of what the project is to deliver. You'd be surprised at how helpful it is to set the initial requirement (or dream) in writing, and it's a good checkpoint for management to green-light the project (or not).
Concept Definition Buy Now

The Statement of Impact helps define how this project will impact your business and its people and customers. Building on the Concept Definition, it is intended to facilitate another management decision gate: go or no-go with the project. Here, risks are explored, and more importantly, what things are affected by this project. When completed, this document bridges the gap between the concept and the actual project requirements.
Statement of Impact Buy Now

The Concept Definition and Statement of Impact may be helpful, but the Project Charter is critical to any project. Think of this as the contract between the project manager and the project's constituents. It identifies the specific deliverables, the players, the risks, dependancies, timeframes and other constraints. This is also project management's opportunity to specifiy what is not being delivered, and to specify certain conditions that must be in place in order to keep the promise of delivering the desired outcomes.
Project Charter Buy Now

  Detailed Project Planning Templates

Having trouble estimating costs? The Project Estimates Worksheet helps you build up the project costs by plugging in the efforts needed, step by step.
Software Estimates Worksheet Buy Now

The quintessential output of the planning process is the detailed development plan, or as we offer as a template, the Software Development Plan (SDP). The SDP is a consolidated source of project planning information and describes the project management approach of a software development project.
Software Development Plan Buy Now

Our Project Schedule CheckList can be very helpful as your reality check to ensure your project is mapped out and ready to go. These are the things to look for that typically hammer a project plan without such a review.
Schedule Review Checklist Buy Now

Communications Management Planning Matrix (free)

  Execution & Control Templates

Our Interactive Status Report provides a one page executive status report. This template features:
  • Full help text right on the form. Using the F1 key in any data item causes an explanation of the item's meaning to appear.
  • Stoplight status-at-a-glance radio buttons. Is your project's status green, yellow, or condition red?
  • A "poor man's" earned value reporting line. You fill in the total budget, budget planned to date, actual cost and estimate to complete; the form calcualtes both cost and schedule variance.
Project Status Report Buy Now

A Statement of Work (SOW) is used to specify the precise nature of work to be performed on a project, sub-project, or a vendor provided deliverable. Constraints, dependencies, and a short table for risk management are included in the SOW.
Statement of Work Buy Now

Learn more! If you would like to learn more about the Project Management Framework or have any questions, please contact the Ball of Gold Project Office.

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