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Rave Reviews about Yvonne’s presentations

“Yvonne was dynamite!” – Tracy Makransky

“Yvonne is effective in using humor, facial expressions, and body language to get her point across. She gets the audience involved and has lots of good stories to share. Yvonne did a good job of summarizing material at the end of major sections.” – Elizabeth Conrad

“This is a retake of this program for me because the class I was in before the instructor was not effective. Yvonne is one of the best instructors I have seen in all my careers, college based courses, seminars. Wonderful job, Yvonne. – John Paura

“I would definitely recommend Yvonne and take courses with her as a leader. She is very energetic and provided enough props to keep the attention of everyone.” – Andrew Wonkelhake

“Yvonne was awesome! I learned so much and concentrated on material vs. outside stuff. She didn’t go off track and used a variety of learning techniques and worked well with many personalities.” – Anne Cowles

“Yvonne is very entertaining and good at keeping the class moving. Her materia is very current.” – Jessie Henry

“Yvonne did an awesome job instructing this class. She is the most knowledgeable and interesting speaker I’ve ever met, including Dr. Allan Zimmerman! – Kristen Heitkamp

“I really enjoyed you and the seminar this week in Muncie. It was by far the best seminar I have attended in at least 10 years. I look forward to keeping in touch via FB and just maybe our paths will cross again in the future.“ – Steve Pidcock

“I was very impressed by Yvonne, not by just her background, but the way she carried herself, taught the class, and the way she interacted. She is very good at teaching! I feel she is the best in the field & she gives you the tools to be the best in your field of work as well. Thank you!” Jake Despot

“There were several techniques I can use in the workplace. It was simply wasn’t do’s and don’ts, there were some practical applications.” Stephanie Thomas

“Yvonne is a great speaker and trainer. I look forward to using the skills she taught.” Kris McAninch

“Yvonne really kept our interest. Interesting lady and super smart.” Eva Brune

“The two days were great! Very informative and professional. Yvonne F. Brown was the presenter and she was fabulous. Good information for the workplace and life! Thank you” Iris Yaeger

“Informative and useful. Used humorous stories and anecdotes during the presentation. Helpful teambuilding exercises.” Kris Johnson

“Presenter was so colorful and dynamic in her presentation of the material. Additional reference data included in the seminar made the day worth attending. Appealed to all my senses! “Loved her!” Best speaker/very knowledgeable of material.” Steve Pidcock

“Yvonne was phenomenal! I could be in seminars with her all week! She is confident, positive, knowledgeable, poised and diverse individual. Yvonne is the cream of the crop. What an inspiration!” Ginny Vellner

“The best and most interesting workshop I have attended. Lots of attendee interaction. Outstanding presentation. Workshop very enjoyable.” Stephen Henager

“This was the absolutely best seminar I have taken. Yvonne was fabulous! She presented information that I can relate to.” Donna Benish

“Impressive and motivating, one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. The seminar was extremely helpful. Great listener!” Patricia Taylor

“I loved how facilitator applied topics to our specific situations.” Lynette Clinton

“Excellent material and advice. I was expecting toucy-feely exercises and I’m relived that they didn’t happen. Thanks Yvonne!” Denise Thorpe

“Yvonne is an exceptional presenter and she has a great ability to get her points across while being entertaining. I have been motivated and inspired to implement the ideas I learned during this seminar.”
Shannon M. Klose, CPA – UMassMemorial

“Yvonne was fresh, enthusiastic, and enjoyable to learn from. Her depth and breadth of knowledge was expansive! She created a learning environment that was safe, open and very conducive to all types of learning styles.”
Becky Mike, N L Services, Inc.

“Yvonne is a fantastic presenter. She brings a wealth of experience to the seminar. I learned more in the first 20 minutes of this seminar than in a whole day seminar with other presenters.”
Phyllis Weiss, TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

“I’m glad I took your seminar before my upcoming work evaluation this week. I will “wean off my emotional addiction” pause and take control.”
Patricia Strane, Aurora Lakeland Medical Center

“Your seminar was very informative. I enjoyed all of the good examples that related to the various situations. The assertiveness section was very good and provided some great factual information.”
Susan Briggs, Johnson Polymer

“Yvonne Brown is the best presenter I have had yet. I have been to many seminars but this one was the best!”
Seminar attendee – Baltimore, MD

“Yvonne Brown has earned a perfect 10. She was provocative, well informed, funny and very smart. It was a pleasure attending this seminar. Thanks.”
Judy B. Reiss. Director, Milton YMCA Daycare – Milton, PA

“The speaker is very genuine and motivating. I feel the information I’ve learned today will allow me to be more open minded and has encouraged me to step outside the box.”
Kathy Specht – Bethesda, MD

“I absolutely loved this women’s seminar. Women are starting to become a dominant force in the workforce and Yvonne was able to prepare me to be a true leader.”
Holly Jo Hellyer, Partner/Director of Sales & Marketing – The 10th Planet

“Enjoyed Yvonne – she kept it interesting and everyone involved for the entire day’s workshop. I never felt bored and loved her suggestions.”
Brandi Harris – Associates for Women’s Care, Lexington, KY

“Informative, exciting and inspiring. Yvonne Brown is a total enjoyment.”
Kym Pearce, BI Inc.

“Yvonne is an outstanding program leader and an excellent presenter. She was wonderful! Great program!”
Avis Gilmore – Verison Wireless

“Yvonne is a great communicator. Good, pertinent examples were used today.”
Donna Misirian, RN, Society’s Assets

“Fun, informative and filled with ways to be more assertive, confident and effective as a woman and as a leader. I’m glad I signed up for this seminar.”
Susan Cole, S C Johnson

“This was the best conference I’ve been to. Yvonne is outstanding, the greatest communicator I’ve ever listened to. Her expertise is phenomenal and her examples were great. I got more than I ever expected.”
Jane Dorey, TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

“Yvonne was excellent. Her passion and energy is obvious in her body language and face as she speaks.”
Seminar Attendee

“Yvonne Brown is an inspirational speaker and communicator. I enjoyed this seminar very much. She caught my attention and never let go. Good job!”
Seminar Attendee

“Yvonne makes you feel like you can conquer the world. I’m not afraid anymore, there is nothing to fear. Look out!”
Seminar attendee, Southampton, UK

“Love the non-threatening style of teaching / presenting without embarrassing the attendees who are uncomfortable with being called upon. Yvonne is great at holding your attention. I tend to daydream and never once daydreamed while Yvonne was presenting.”
Seminar Attendee, Madison, Wisconsin

“Yvonne Brown is excellent in her knowledge and presentation skills. She is very professional. I could listen to her for days at a time always learning more.”
Seminar Attendee, Framingham, Massachusetts

“Yvonne taught with great passion and a great sense of humor.”
Seminar attendee, Framingham, Massachusetts

“Yvonne was outstanding, not only because she was composed and articulate, but because she actively engaged the participants.”
Seminar attendee, Danvers, Massachusetts

“Yvonne Brown has a wonderful, relaxed, genuine style. She was well informed, relevant humorous and a good role model. She is a very dynamic speaker.”
Seminar attendee, Danvers, Massachusetts

“Very good seminar. I learned a lot and Yvonne was very informative, pleasant and easy to comprehend.”
Seminar attendee, Lansing, Michigan

“Yvonne was very personable and down to earth. I could tell she is passionate about her topic. She made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Sharing her own life experiences made me feel on her level as a human… A WOMAN!”
Seminar attendee, Idaho Falls, Idaho

“This was fabulous. I got more than I expected. I recently attended Oprah’s Road Tour in Denver and this just builds on the confidence I am building for myself.”
Seminar attendee, Cheyenne

“Yvonne was very interesting and used real life examples to relate to the material. It was nice that she also used a lot of ideas that got everyone to share their ideas and solutions.”
Stephanie Dominick, Greensburg, PA

“Yvonne is a good motivator for audience participation.”
Jane Byroad, Greensburg, PA

“I enjoyed taking a strategic look at my different leadership situations.”
Susan F Crary, Greensburg, PA

“You couldn’t walk out of that room without being inspired. I became inspired myself. You did a masterful job and I was very impressed with what you did. You’re marvelous as a communication broker”
Paul Shackley, Fairview Village

“I wish to express the great impact and depth of your speech during my graduation. To this day my cousins that attended are still talking about you and commenting on the impact of your words on their daily lives.”
Rica M. Bayoneto – Westwood College of Technology

“I truly appreciated hearing your inspiring words of wisdom and encouragement. In these troubled times we live in, the words of inspiration make the days go by smoother and offer promise.”
Seminar Attendee, Westwood College of Technology

“I’m glad there are positive female role models such as you. You are truly an enlightening individual and I hope I can follow in your footsteps one day. If I can accomplish half of what you have done I will truly be a success.”
Seminar Attendee, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Your presentation provided valuable insight for the student. As a professional speaker you were knowledgeable about the topic and your real life examples, especially your own personal testimonies enabled the audience to connect with you and relate to your subject matter.”
Rose Ratliff, Director of Career Services
Westwood College of Technology

“Thank you for giving such a wonderful, educative, and life-guiding speech.”
Rev. Michael Oyedokun

“What a wonderful, talented, knowledgeable and generous person you are. Thanks so much for the time you spent at Loyola last week in the Leadership Illinois and Women in Business Conference and all the value you provided.”
Linda Salchenberger, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Information Management for Professions
& Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Loyola University, Chicago

“We appreciate the careful reflection that you gave in preparing your remarks for the Leadership Illinois Conference. Your presentation generated much positive feedback from the participants, a clear indication that your ideas were transformational and empowering.”
Cheryl Temple – Leadership Illinois Class of 1998

“Your willingness to share your talent contributed greatly to the overall success of our program. Thank you for your example and for assisting us the advancement of our mission of expanding opportunities for women leaders in Illinois.”
Susan Sutherland – Leadership Illinois Class of 1996

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